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THIS PAGE ONLY $25 i N6,810 $8.53 I N3,170

I won’t dwell on lengthy explanations because let’s be real,
“you’re here because I’ve got the game-changer for your future online course launches.
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This book shows you important strategies and things you didn’t think mattered, which can completely change how you launch your next online course.

For some individuals, it serves as a wake-up call, urging them to revisit abandoned strategies while searching for new ones to boost online course sales. Why fix what isn’t broken?

This book highlights 15 solid mistakes to avoid before launching an online course (again) and PRACTICAL STEPS to take to make your course launch a success with or without prior online course launch knowledge.

You will also find free tools and resources to help you in different phases of the launch process as well as an IMPLEMENTATION WORKBOOK ensuring that as you read, you actively engage in exercises to fortify your comprehension.

And the best part?
This is a book you have to keep going back to every time you want to Launch an Online Course
“Sometimes, what you need to make that sale is just one little tweak, but you won’t know it until you hear it or see it.” – Lucky Elohor O.

THIS PAGE ONLY $25 i N6,810 $8.53 I N3,170

Elohor, but I don’t read books or I never finish them!
Not this book because this book aims to be the simplest (no complicated words or tech stuff) yet practical guide on online course launches you’ve ever read.



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THIS PAGE ONLY $25 i N6,810 $8.53 I N3,170

Nobody told me when I used my last cash to buy a course on how to build sales pages, bought a domain name, paid for a course hosting platform, and even started running ads to my lead magnet to sell my online course that I was getting into a failed mission.

In my mind, once I do all of these, “BOOM”, I am on my way to cashing out and making lots of sales like everyone else I can already see.

I mean, isn’t that the strategy they all use? – I see their ads and freebies everywhere so mine won’t be different.

All of these things work — But nobody told me there are other things I need to do behind the scenes first that nobody else but me sees for all those efforts everyone can see to work.

Some of you are just doing what you see your FAVE or other people doing during their launches on the outside without knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

Nobody will tell you this, even if they do, not like I do.

As for my course launch, I was far from even making N100,000 from that launch — Not to talk of making my investment money back.

I cried so much after everything went south. I even had to incur some debt and thank God. I had a job so I was living on my salary and gradually paying my debt.

So, if anyone is in the best position to give you any advice on successful launches for your online courses, then it’s me because I have not only had successful launches, but I have also failed while trying.

I have done it for myself and my clients and NO, this is not audio because, in 2022 and 2023 consecutively, I was listed by “Selar” the platform where I host the majority of my courses and services as 27 and 15 out of the 100 TOP Creators in Africa respectively.

That was when I stopped playing small and realized that I don’t have to measure my success based on anybody else’s but on my terms and we are GOOD.

So, if you really want to launch your online course or program and you want to get it right; then make sure to get a copy of my Book “Don’t Launch An Online Course Yet”

In the video above, I have already shared 5 out of the 15 things I wished I knew before launching several failed online courses.

However, in my book, I go even deeper into those 5 and share 10 more PLUS Free and Paid Tools & Resources you need to launch your online course from ideation to marketing as well as implementation exercise after each highlighted mistake.
So, the best thing you can do for yourself and your business right now is to watch the video above if you haven’t already and then click the button below to go get a copy of the book and I will see you on the other side.

THIS PAGE ONLY $25 i N6,810 $8.53 I N3,170

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