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Elohor Here

To tell you the truth: I used to hate writing as much as you do. I still do! Talking is my life. Writing is not.


I don’t even know English that much so how am I going to communicate what I have in my head in writing when I could just say it with my mouth?


As much as I even liked to talk, I slowly began to realize that my talking holds no meaning or weight on anyone when I started my business because I could talk all day yet no one was buying.


In fact, I used to also think telling stories of what has already happened or will happen or that you imagined in your head is dumb.


I mean how do I start telling stories just because I want to sell something?


But then, I heard storytelling is the thing that makes people buy your products, and writing excellently well and knowing the right words to say is what will make people buy.

So I started to try really hard to be a great storyteller and writer so that I can eventually start to sell.


I did all I could but all of those didn’t do it for me and my words still didn’t hold any meaning to my audience until I realized the one thing that I truly needed:


It is not just about writing or sharing stories, but about doing it using a language that they understand and in a way that it triggers their buying emotions


And that was when it all began to make sense and since then, I have been able to sell anything to anyone through my ad copies, sales page copies, emails, and even through my content and I have also been able to do same for many of my clients, and in the Sales Chemistry Bootcamp I will show you exactly how I have been able to achieve all these and how you can communicate your offer more effectively to your potential buyers. 

Here is what people are saying after the last sales chemistry bootcamp:

I’m here to make sure you sell those amazing offers with confidence


Let me be your guide!


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