Want To Sell Anything To Anyone Online?

We’ve created a proven step-by-step bundle + Implementation templates that will show you how to write and communicate your offers without losing out on another sale THROUGH YOUR content, ads, sales pages and stories.

We are looking for you if:

You want to grow your following on Instagram without the pressure of dancing on reels and following trends

You want a content strategy that actually works! One unique to your brand that would help you position yourself as an authority and bring in engagement, growth, and sales each week.

You want to increase sales in your business by running ads and sending people to a high-converting sales page so you can get out of debt, live in comfort, and take care of your loved ones.

You want to learn how to write captions as beautifully, as insightful, and as engaging as the people you admire on Instagram.

You want to tell great product stories that will get you a tight-knit community and super fans for your brand.

But you feel there’s a gap between where you are now in your online business journey and where you want to be.
We know what that gap feels like, we’ve been there before and we know how to close it.

Lucky Elohor Here,

To tell you the truth: I used to hate writing as much as you do. I still do! Talking is my life. Writing is not.

I don’t even know English that much so how am I going to communicate what I have in my head in writing when I could just say it with my mouth?

As much as I even liked to talk, I slowly began to realize that my talking holds no meaning or weight on anyone when I started my business because I could talk all day yet no one was buying.

In fact, I used to also think telling stories of what has already happened or will happen or that you imagined in your head is dumb.

I mean how do I start telling stories just because I want to sell something?

But then, I heard storytelling is the thing that makes people buy your products, and writing excellently well and knowing the right words to say is what will make people buy.

So I started to try really hard to be a great storyteller and writer so that I can eventually start to sell.

I did all I could but all of those didn’t do it for me and my words still didn’t hold any meaning to my audience until I realized the one thing that I truly needed:

It is not just about writing or sharing stories, but about doing it using a language that they understand and in a way that it triggers their buying emotions

And that was when it all began to make sense and since then, I have been able to sell anything to anyone with my words through my ad copies, sales page copies, emails, and even through my content and I have also been able to do same for many of my clients and these and many more you will discover in this Bundle.

I'm Yai,

Well, I have always told stories since I was a little girl so I would say that storytelling and writing are things that I really love doing.

In fact, if I didn’t know what to do with my next life, I would be a writer again.

That is how much I love it and how good I am at it.

But there was a problem.

When I started my business, writing and storytelling came easy to me but I still was not selling to anyone no matter how hard I tried or how good the content was.

People just applauded me and then move on with their lives While I was stuck in mine trying to figure out why I wasn’t making any money.

Then I realized that being a great writer or storyteller is different from being a salesman.

Great Storytellers tell stories and write to evoke emotions but not in a way to take action but in a way of sharing lessons. 

But a salesman tells stories and writes to evoke emotions in a way that makes people want to take action

So what did I do?

I started to think not just as a writer or storyteller but also as a salesman by understanding the desires of my prospective buyers, causing those desires to evoke emotions that make them want to take action almost immediately.

This has worked for my business and many other businesses that I have helped through content and captions and telling compelling product stories.

And you will discover how I have been able to do these and many more when you join the “sell anything to anyone with words Bundle” right now

This is why we created


A comprehensive bundle on content strategy, content writing, caption writing, ad copywriting, sales page copywriting, and telling great product stories that will sell your offers.
Total Value: $100.00
Today’s Price: $15 I N5,999 I £12

You will join over 170 product business owners, coaches, service providers, and digital creators who are ready to help you shake the internet with your words!

Now, the cherry on top of all this is this:

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you inside:

Video #1 - Proven Content Strategies:

There’s nothing like a good easy-to-follow strategy to get that visibility and engagement you crave. As a member, you will unlock a secret content strategy so you can position yourself as an authority and bring in engagement, growth, and sales each week.

Video #2 - How To Write Compelling Content:

Yesss, it’s time to write as beautifully, as insightful, and as engaging as the people you admire on Instagram. We will even give you the implementation-ready templates to start right away.

Video #3 - How To Write Sticky Captions:

Get ready to learn how to entice your audience to linger on your posts for at least a few seconds longer than they otherwise would have. And as always, we will give you the implementation-ready template you need to do so.

Video #4 - How To Write Appealing Ad Copies:

It’s time those ads finally convert to the numbers you’ve always been calculating in your head. Come inside Sell Anything To Anyone With Words and let us show you how it’s done. And by now you get the drill. Yes, Yes, we will give access to an implementation-ready template that only the pros use. We got you.

Video #5 - How To Write Sales Copies That Convert:

You know those ones that people don’t even need to get to the end to buy? Few lines in and they are convinced. Yes, we have the formula + implementation-ready template for that too.

Video 6 # - Product Storytelling The Right Way:

We want you to get that tight-knit community and engaged following that you’ve always desired. That is why we went all out on this one too and gave you an implementation-ready template to show you different stories you can tell to engage, inspire and move people to action.

So, if you:

….. And are willing to close the gap between where you are right now in your online business journey and where you want to be

Then over 170 of us would love to have you inside SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE WITH WORDS.

Here’s what other action-takers inside the program are saying about it:

I’m stuck with this course. Honestly I have been looking for a course on content. I personally love this.
I saw someone mention that taking sell anything with words helped her create one month content in a few hours, so that made me buy this and I must say that my content is changing. No Regrets
I had an AHA moment experience. I used to write as the spirit leads but now when writing, I know what type, the goal and the style.
Sell Anything With Words helped me pick a focus and provided tools to create result oriented content strategy/plan for my offer
The Lessons were very simple and the templates easy to use.
Within a week I was able to come up with a workable content strategy, several content, caption, brand & product stories. ad copies and sales page for my offers.
I love the intentionality of the post ideas like I get to make research and give out value. I’ve been struggling to understand this.
Before Sell Anything With Words content creation used to be very boring but now I enjoy doing it & feel gingered.
I will keep trying till I am seen

The class made content creation easy for me. I was able to generate 15 content ideas just from the first two videos

Yai & Elohor are good teachers, they made me fall in love with storytelling and their content is so unique

Pay $15 I N5,999 I £12

When you pay online you get instant access to the bundle and access to the templates and materials for 365 days.


However our guarantee is that if you follow the training and use the templates made available to you, results are inevitable. 

Bank Transfer N6,500

Make a bank transfer of N6,500 to the bank details below and then send proof of payment by clicking on the button and you will be given access within 24 hours……

Account Number – 4600205813

Account Name – Digital Creator Chic Enterprise

Bank Name – V Bank (VFD Microfinance Bank)

Questions You Might Have About THIS BUNDLE

No, all training are pre recorded so you can watch and implement at your own pace.

The bundle contains training on using storytelling to sell your offers through compelling caption writing, content writing (A.K.A. – content creation), crafting a proven content strategy, writing compelling ad copy, sales page copy, product description as well as using brand storytelling, hero’s journey and customer transformation stories to sell your offers to anyone.

No, it is a bundle with pre recorded classes and ready to use plug and play templates that guides you on how to write better and tell compelling stories without spending hours watching videos and learning.

It is an implementation bundle.

Yes, you have access to the materials, templates and videos for a period of 365 days (1 year) to re-watch, implement or carry out your exercises at your own pace and a community of over 100 people to support you.


As soon as you make payment you will get instant access to the bundle and the telegram community and also be able to access the templates and case studies to help make the entire process easy and seamless to participate in.


This bundle is not on how to create daily social media content but how to sell your products with words and your marketing messages so if you do not have a product yet, you can still be a part of this and learn how to approach it when you’re ready to release your products or offers. 


So if you are ready to get a comprehensive bundle on:

Then we are waiting for you on the other side


YAI – @processtoolbox


Lucky Elohor – @digitalcreatorchic_


Yai & Lucky Elohor were also listed as one of the 100 Top African Creators in 2022 By Selar

So if there’s anyone who should show you how to sell your offers with words and stories, then it’s US…

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